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Replacement windows not only add value to your home, but greatly help to reduce heating and cooling costs. At Wilderness Construction, our experts will treat your home as if it were there own. With our free evaluation and estimate services, we will quickly be able to tell you whether or not a full window replacement is something you should consider.

Replacement Window Types & Styles

Window Types

As you begin your search for a replacement window contractor in the Ann Arbor area, it is best to know what type of window you are looking for. Nowadays, while wooden window frames are still available, there are more options to choose from.

Vinyl Windows

PVC or vinyl windows are one of the least expensive options in window replacement, and are virtually maintenance free. This type of window never needs to be painted nor stained and come in a wide variety of color, size, and style options.

Wood Windows

  • Historic: Wooden window frames are the go-to for most homeowners in older, more traditional jomes. The look and feel of a genuine window from cannot be matched by its imitators. If this is the look you are going for, there is no reason to settle for a cheap imitation.

  • Clad: Even with a growing number of options of window materials, wood has remained a preferred choice looking for dependability. Clad windows utilize a wooden frame with an exterior cladding of fiberglass, vinyl, or aluminum.

Fiberglass (Composite) Windows

Over the past 10 years, fiberglass has become the preferred material for replacement windows. Low thermal expansion paired with superior strength-to-weight ratio help to retain the integrity of the window frame over time.

Window Styles

Much like you would add different styles of furniture around your home to create a dynamic, more appealing look and feel, you'll want to add different window styles. Some replacement windows make more sense in certain rooms than others. Wilderness Construction, Inc. has installed thousands of windows over the years – our experts are happy to help you make the best decision for your home! Common window styles include:

Double & Single Hung Windows

Whether your style is classic or contemporary, double or single hung windows are a beautiful choice for any home. Plus, their top & bottom (double) or bottom (single) sashes tilt into the home for easy cleaning and provide efficient ventilation.

Awning Windows

As practical as they are beautiful, these windows are hinged at the top and open out like an awning. Both in traditional and contemporary designs, they’re often placed above other windows and doors.

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Casement Windows

These feature a one hinged sash that glides out, welcoming the breeze in. Most common in newer homes, casement windows are coveted for their clean, uncluttered views & effortless operation.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows house a single sliding sash that glides open horizontally, allowing for easy operation – an ideal choice for difficult-to-reach places. These windows are available a single slide or double slide. The operational panels lift out for easy cleaning.

Bay & Bow Windows

These windows reach out into the world, allowing you to have more windows to capture the view and enjoy the scenery. Bay windows are typically made up of three windows, while bow windows can incorporate more.

Benefits of Window Replacement

  • Increased home value

  • Reduced heating and cooling costs

  • Eliminate 99.5% of damaging Ultraviolet rays

  • Make your home more comfortable and less drafty

  • Free up your time and save money by eliminating maintenance

  • Improved home security

  • Make your home quieter and more peaceful

  • Enhanced beauty and “curb appeal”

  • Reduced Carbon Footprint

The Wilderness Construction Difference

Many Ann Arbor contractors are installing replacement windows – with Wilderness Construction you cannot only expect a superior level of quality and craftsmanship, but an open line of communication once your job is complete. We understand that great customer service is large portion of the products we offer. Our goal is not only to fulfill your home improvement needs, but to develop lasting client relationships for future projects – we will never leave you or your home left hung out to dry!

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